Adopt a Classroom

Posted Eureka Lessons Funding Your Projects

Setting up a classroom and funding projects can get quite expensive.  That's why at the beginning of each school year you should load up your Adopt a Classroom account.  Using email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you can announce to all your friends, who most likely make way more money than you, that you are accepting donations for school supplies.  It's mutually beneficial.  Your friends get a tax deduction, a thank you letter, updates on how their donations are being spent, and above all, they feel great about giving back to the community.  You, in turn, receive donations to fund all the amazing projects and cute classroom decor you are always so excited about at the beginning of the year.  The only cons about this service are: you're limited to a small group of participating vendors, many of whom don't offer competitive pricing, and the minimum donation amount is $25.  Apparently, every dollar doesn't count.  But hey, with all this great free stuff you won't hear me complaining.