Reddit Teachers Gift Exchange

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The Reddit Teacher Gift Exchange is probably the coolest, faith in humanity restoring, anonymous gift exchange ever organized.  In August 2012, I moved to the Bay Area, notorious for its ridiculous cost of living, with no savings and no means of setting up my class.  I inherited a bug infested classroom and a set of outdated atlases that displayed the USSR and Yugoslavia on its world map.  Oh, and I was also piloting the school's first year of 9th Grade World Geography.  I posted an Amazon wishlist (which amounted to more than $200) on the Reddit Gift Exchange and crossed my fingers.  I got paired up with a rich Silicon Valley startup executive who bought me everything on my wishlist.  I could never thank him enough for his generous contributions to my class.  I sent him this photo of my geography students to express my gratitude:

I liked the Reddit Gift Exchange because it didn't limit me to a specific group of vendors the way Adopt a Classroom does.  However, the downside is that you're not guaranteed to get everything on your list, your match may decide last minute not to send you anything at all, and it's a one time deal.