Scarcity: Desert Island Nightmare

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Lesson: Scarcity- Desert Island Nightmare

Ca Content Standard Econ 12.1.1, 12.1.4

Objective: SWBAT apply the principle of scarcity to a zombie apocalypse scenario and then examine its role in the economy.

1. Warm Up: Two types of consumers reflection

2. Group Activity: Explain zombie apocalypse scenario and limited amt. of antidotes

3. Discussion: Why did you distribute the antidotes the way you did?

4. Short lecture/notes (vocab) on scarcity, resources, and choice.

5. Think Pair Share- Why does scarcity affect a society's needs for choices?

6. Explain goods and services.

7. Independent Work: Personal finances and pie charts

* Here's a tip- Despite them being 12th graders, you'd be surprised how many seniors don't understand how to create a simple pie chart using data.  Do an example up on your board before leaving them to do it on their own for homework.

Scarcity Warm Up

Desert Island ppt., introducing scarcity

Download PPT.

Scarcity Fill-in Notes

Download Fill-in Notes

Homework- Personal Finances/Pie Chart

Helps students evaluate their spending, introduces basic economic principles, segue into goods and services

Download Personal Finance Worksheet