A Hastily Drawn Plow

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As a regular vocabulary exercise, I have my students fold their papers into three columns and provide the following: 1. Key Term 2. Definition (in your own words) 3. Mnemonic Symbol/Illustration.  When my 6th grader handed her homework to me, I asked her why she didn't have a symbol for the word plow.  Without a word, she grabbed a pen off her neighbor's desk and hastily drew one in.

a plow of sorts

I bit my lip so hard to keep from laughing while internally berating myself for even thinking it was funny.  Grownups nonchalantly overlook things like that all the time, don't they?  Yes, I learned a year later, they do.  I drew something similar while explaining vertical and horizontal mergers to my economics class.  It was shared by a student on our class twitter.