Constitution Book Project

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As a cumulative project for the Constitution unit, I like to have my students create a Constitution journal to keep track of the Bill of Rights and key amendments they learned about.  They tend to get really into it, especially the ones who enjoy scrap booking.



Constitution Book Project Guidelines


The Constitution

Original Constitution


Article 1- The Legislature

Article 2- The Executive Department

Article 3- The Judicial Department

Article 4- Relations Among States

Article 5- Amending the Constitution

Article 6- Role of the National Government

Article 7- Ratification


Bill of Rights

Amendment 1-Religious and Political Freedoms

Amendment 2- Right to Bear Arms

Amendment 3- Quartering Troops

Amendment 4- Search and Seizure

Amendment 5- Rights of Accused Persons

Amendment 6- Right to Speedy, Public Trial

Amendment 7- Trial by Jury in Civil Cases

Amendment 8- Limits of Fines and Punishments

Amendment 9- Rights of the People

Amendment 10- Powers of the States and People


Additional Amendments

Amendment 11- Lawsuits Against States

Amendment 12- Election of Executives

Amendment 13- Slavery Abolished

Amendment 14- Civil Rights

Amendment 15- Right to Vote

Amendment 16- Income Tax

Amendment 17- Direct Election of Senators

Amendment 18- Prohibition

Amendment 19- Women’s Suffrage (Right to Vote)

Amendment 20- “Lame Duck” Session

Amendment 21- Repeal of Prohibition

Amendment 22- Limit on Presidential Terms

Amendment 23- Voting in District of Columbia

Amendment 24- Abolition of Poll Taxes

Amendment 25- Presidential Succession

Amendment 26- Eighteen Year Old Vote

Amendment 27- Salary of Congress