Political Ideology: Where do you stand?

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Grade 12, American Government

Topic: Political Ideology and Political Party Platforms

These resources take roughly 1-3 periods to go through, depending on your bell schedule.

1. Go over Power Point "Political Viewpoints" and 4 Corners Activity (read statements from "Who Said It?")  Use the characters and political ideology segment (at the end of the ppt) to segue into a discussion about how certain groups are labeled and stereotyped by the media.  Emphasize the point that many logical people can be both liberal and conservative depending on the issue and that students do not have to subscribe to all of a political party's views when they come of age to vote.

2. Independent Activity: Students fill in "Political Ideology Spectrum" (handout "political ideology spectrum" and "political ideology readings")

3. Independent Activity: "Who Said It?" students fill in "L" for liberal or "C" for conservative on the lines next to each statement

4. Discussion: What are you views on abortion?  Taxes?  Then handout "Political Issues" reading and Think-Pair-Share whether students are liberal or conservative on those issues.

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