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The New Deal Era

Posted Eureka Lessons 11th Grade Social Science, Lessons

If you use Glencoe's The American Vision: Modern Times (California Edition, 2006), the "FDR and the New Deal (Unit 3, Chapter 10) resources are great for covering FDR and the New Deal era (Unit 3, Chapter 10 of the book).  We also recommend using Glencoe's"Study Central" for students who want extra practice at home.  Also included is the "Alphabet Soup Project" which requires students to research one of the many bills passed during FDR's famous first 100 Days.  The activity comes with a New Deal matrix, grading rubric, instructions, and assigned roles.  If you don't use this textbook, there are still some very useful activities, power points and cloze notes on the New Deal and Second New Deal included in the zip files.

FDR and the New Deal (Unit 3, Chapter 10)

 Alphabet Soup Group Project