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Introduction to Congress

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Introduction to Congress

California Content Standard 12.4.1

SWBAT identify the roles of the legislative branch as outlined in the Constitution, eligibility to hold office, and the length of terms.

Topics Covered:

  • a bicameral legislature
  • terms and sessions
  • House of Representatives
  • Apportionment and Wesberry vs. Sanders
  • Gerrymandering
  • Senate
  • Eligibility and Benefits

1. Warm Up (Start a K-W-L for Congress)

2. Power Point and Cloze Notes: Introduction to Congress

3. Handout: Gerrymandering and Apportionment

The resources in this lesson are intended to be completed over 1-2 90 minute class periods with time for Think-Pair-Share and plenty of discussion in between topics.  Please do not attempt this in a traditional 50 minute class period.  Your kids will hate you for it.

Introduction to Congress