Romulus and Remus Comic Strip Assignment

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Standard(s) 6.7-1: Describe the rise of the Roman Republic, including the importance of such mythical & historical figures as Aeneas, Romulus & Remus

1. Listen!  Instruct students to keep pens and pencils down and simply listen to the legend of Romulus and Remus.  After 2-3 sentences, pause for about 30 seconds.  Write!  Draw!  In those 30 second pauses, students will pick up their writing tools and jot down key words or draw as much as they could remember.  Students will use their Listen!  Write!  Draw! activities to help them create a comic strip.

2. Assign "Romulus and Remus Storyboard Activity" and handout blank "Comic Strip" (8 squares).

3. Modify rubric as needed

 Romulus and Remus Comic Strip Assignment

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