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Shaping the Power of the Supreme Court

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These resources focus on 3 major cases that helped shape the power of the Supreme Court. In this zip file you'll find a Constitution Review activity, Power Point: "Shaping the Power of the Supreme Court" and cloze notes.

Topics covered in these resources include:

  • the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Civil Rights Amendments Review
  • Marbury vs. Madison
  • McCulloch vs. Maryland
  • U.S. vs. Nixon

Shaping the Power of the Supreme Court

Need a quick refresher on why these cases are significant?

marbury v madison

Marbury v Madison established Judicial Review


mcculloch vs maryland

McCulloch v Maryland strengthened the "necessary and proper" and "supremacy" clauses of the Constitution resulting in a broader scope of federal government power

us v nixon


U.S. v Nixon acknowledged the existence of executive privilege but declared that such privilege was not absolute, also reinforced checks and balances and the 5th Amendment's due process clause