The Roman Republic

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Standard(s) 6.7-2: Describe the government of the Roman Republic & its significance (written constitution & tripartite government, checks & balances, civic duty)

1. Brain Teaser: The 12 Tables- Explain to students that the Romans had a code of law called the 12 Tables discussing legal proceedings on everything from family life to crime.  Handout brain teaser (BT 12 Tables) and have them guess which of the laws listed are "table" and which are "fable".  This will begin a discussion on Roman political thought and segue students into the ppt/cloze notes on political structure.

2. Power Point and Cloze notes: "The Roman Republic (Political Structure)

3. Power Point and Cloze notes: "The Legend of Cincinnatus"- a story of a great man whose dedication to the republic made him a Roman hero

4.  Follow up activity: "How was power divided in Ancient Rome?"

5. Roman Republic Simulation: Pats vs. Plebs.

6. Independent Work/Homework: Review Roman Political Structure- students cut and paste government positions in correct box

roman republic

Roman Republic


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