10 Theories on the Fall of Rome

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The Roman Empire had a powerful army, expansive territory, and boasted one of the longest periods of peace in human history.  So just how did this great empire fall?  Where did it go wrong?  I'm all verklempt, talk amongst yourselves, here, I'll give you a topic: The Roman Empire didn't fall it just tripped. Discuss. Okay, I'm back.  Thank you.  The attached resources include the following:

1. Reading: 10 Theories on the Fall of Rome and Matrix (Rank order 10 theories in order of impact on fall of Rome)







2. Comparing Ancient Rome to Modern America








3. Eulogy for Rome: Students write a 3-5 paragraph eulogy for the Roman Empire- includes its achievements, causes for its decline and fall, and its legacy (what we will all miss about Rome)

10 Theories on the Fall of Rome

adapted from Alia Klein, "10 Theories on the Fall of Rome". September 2007. Lesson Plan.