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Create Your Own Medieval Character

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Once students have a general knowledge of feudalism and the manor system, assign this activity to tie it all together.

1. Handout: "Create a Medieval Character" and allow students to choose from barbarian, lord, vassal, church official, etc.  Students create an illustration and back story for their character- country of origin, a name, age, and any background information their heart desires.

Student Work
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2. Think-Pair-Share: Instruct students to close their eyes, imagine their medieval alter ego, and get into character.  What does he or she look like?  What does he or she do for a living?  Then, partner up with a classmate and introduce themselves. Example: I am Drifa the Brisk of southern Scandinavia.  I am 25 years old, wife of Lief and mother of 4 children... medcharacter 3. Tell students that their medieval character got sucked into a black hole that spat them out in the home of their modern day counterpart. Handout writing assignment-  "Guidelines: A Day with Medieval Me".  Students can choose to write a diary entry from their own perspective or from their medieval character's point of view.  Be sure to include a list of vocabulary words students are required to use in their diary entry. medieval me guidelines 4. Read aloud example as as class (Handout: "Diary Entry for Medieval Europe Character Activity- A Day with Ms. So") to give students some ideas

medieval me example

Medieval Character Activity