Title: Buddha
Author/Illustrator: Demi

Buddha by Demi- Guided Reading and Storyboard Activity

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Demi's Buddha is a fantastic, grade level appropriate book detailing the life and work of Siddhārtha Gautama.  The story is instantly engaging and the illustrations are well drawn.  For this activity, I recommend having 5-7 copies available to your students.  It's roughly $3.45/copy (hardcover) on amazon.

1. Hand out Buddha by Demi- Guiding Questions and read aloud to students Demi's Buddha (1 chapter per day ) while projecting the illustrations on the board (if you have a document camera, otherwise walking around and keeping it old school is cool too)

2. After you've read the story in its entirety, assign the Buddha Story storyboard assignment and emphasize the importance of including all the key words.  Go over grading rubric so students understand expectations and how they will be graded.

3. Allow students to visit a quiet reading table with all the copies of Buddha for 10 minutes at a time for a quick refresher on the story

 Buddha Story

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