China’s 13th Century Agricultural and Commercial Developments

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California Content Standard7.3.2- Describe agricultural, technological, and commercial developments during the Tang and Sung periods.

Required Materials: Readings "Characteristics of the new Agriculture," and "Growth of Trade and Commerce," Marketplace ambiance audio clip, Rice Paddy ambiance audio clip, craft paper (2 sheets per student), water based paint, paintbrushes, cups (for rinsing paint)

Activity Overview: Students will participate in a listen-write-draw activity by listening to two different anecdotes about the rapidly developing 13th century China.  They will create two water color paintings based on the descriptions


Listen!  Instruct students to keep pens and pencils down and simply listen as you read aloud, "Characteristics of the New Agriculture".  After 3-4 sentences, pause for about 30 seconds. Write!  In those 30 second pauses, students will pick up their writing tools and jot down key words and doodle as much as they could remember.  *Optional*  Play the audio clips in between readings for ambiance.  Draw!  Students will use their Listen!  Write!  Draw! activities to help them create their water paintings.  Repeat for "Growth of Trade and Commerce".  For extra credit, offer a written assignment- a short story- to accompany their water paintings.  They'll totally look like the ones shown below.  Totally.

chinesemarketplace OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA rice-paddy-house700 ricefield-terrace-ii-melly-terpening






Display the paintings around the classroom to provide students with visuals they can enjoy while they take notes on the Sung and Tang Dynasty developments- not specific to any textbook (see Cornell notes in the attached zip file).

Growth of Trade and Commerce

Alia Klein."China's 13th Century Agricultural and Commercial Developments". September 2007. Lesson Plan.

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