Muhammad’s Early Life (ppts and cloze notes)

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Before getting into the early life of Muhammad, it is important to remind students of a few culture conscious rules: 1. never draw an image of Muhammad and 2. be respectful of all religions and philosophies.

This set of resources cover the following topics:

  • PPT. and Cloze notes: The Arabian Peninsula before the birth of Muhammad, Mecca as a trade center, polytheism and idol worship, family and clan social structure, bedouin life
  • PPT. and Cloze notes: The birth and early life of Muhammad, his call to prophecy, the origins of the Qu'ran and Islam
  • PPT and Cloze notes: The Hejira and the Hajj

The Life of Muhammad

Alia Klein, "Muhammad's Early Life". September 2007. PowerPoint presentation.