Who Should Rule China?

Posted Eureka Lessons 7th Grade Social Science, Lessons

This set of resources introduces to students the three dominant forms of government in Chinese history- 1. Meritocracy, 2. Aristocracy, and 3. Foreign Government.

1. Warm Up:

Imagine that you need to leave $1000.00 w/ someone for1 yr. Which of these people would you trust MOST w/ your $$$ & WHY?

  a.) A friend who is from another country?

  b.) A friend who is considered smart & an excellent student

  c.) A friend who is very rich

2. Power Point and Guided Cornell Notes: "Who Should Rule China?"

3. Activity: Who Should Rule?  Teacher chooses an emperor and divides class into 3 large groups- Meritocracy, Aristocracy, and Foreign Rule- that compete for the favor of the emperor.

 Who Should Rule

Alia Klein."Who Should Rule?" September 2007. PowerPoint presentation.