Europe Map Activity

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Warm Up, Bell Ringer Activity

After the fall of Rome, the empire disintegrated into many different territories and kingdoms and Rome was no more.  However, in the 800's, the Frankish and German Kings formed a new Roman Empire which by the 1300's became the Holy Roman Empire.

  1. Compare the two maps of Europe from 120 AD and 1500 AD.  What are some of the most noticeable changes?
  2. Historians today say the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy nor Roman.  Why do you think that is?
  3. Look at a modern day map of Europe.  What modern day countries make up the former Holy Roman Empire?
The Roman Empire at its height

Roman Empire in 120 AD

Medieval Europe

Europe circa 1500

Following the bell ringer activity, have students label a modern day map of Europe with an overlay of medieval European territories and kingdoms.

Europe Maps