McDougal Littel’s ClassZone West Africa Geography Practice (Textbook Not Required)

Posted Eureka Lessons 7th Grade Social Science, Lessons

Guiding Question:

How did geography shape the development of West African empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?


SWBAT identify the locations of medieval West African trading empires and examine the ways geography shaped the cultural, religious, political, and economic landscape of Africa over time

In this activity, students will label their physical maps of Africa (see below) with key geographic features crucial to the economic, political, cultural and religious development of the West African trading empires.  Download the map(s), distribute to students and instruct them follow along with the interactive maps on the McDougal Littel ClassZone West Africa Geography Practice activity and answer the 8 review questions.  For those of you who have color copiers at your school, color keys are available.  Otherwise, I recommend using the black and white maps with blank keys for students to fill in.  Another great activity to accompany this one is the West Africa Geography ppt. and flashcard activity, no student computers required.


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