About Eureka Lessons



What We Do

Eureka Lessons provides educators with free, quality, 21st-century, standards-based humanities lessons (English, Social Science, Psychology, Sociology, Art, and Music) designed and shared by education professionals.  We provide a collaborative working environment where educators can share ideas, resources, and provide support.  Whether you're new a new teacher or a veteran looking to shake up your curriculum, we have the right resource for you.

Our Mission

In recent years, our education system experienced huge cuts in funding and autonomy, resulting in declining student performance. What we aim to do is help educators adapt and evolve their craft in spite of these challenging circumstances.  We encourage educators to recognize the needs of 21st century students and integrate fresh perspectives and web-based learning into the traditional classroom.

How it Works

Finding a Lesson

It's pretty simple, actually.  All visitors have unlimited access to resources and lesson plans.  Just look under "Browse All Lessons" and you can search by subject, grade level, and topic.  Again, all lessons are free.  Really.  The only thing we ask is that you rate the lessons you use and provide an honest assessment in the comments section.

Submitting a Lesson

Ask not what Eureka Lessons can do for you, but what you can do for Eureka Lessons!  While Eureka Lessons will NEVER ask you for any sort of financial contributions, we do accept your finest lesson plans and creativity as payment for our services.  If you have a great lesson to share, go to "Submit a Lesson" and share a great lesson or resource.  Just remember, by submitting a lesson, you acknowledge that you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and sharing these resources on a public forum.

Eureka Lessons Education Channel

Eureka Lessons broadcasts weekly videos on whatever humanities topic interests us at the moment.  Feel free to subscribe to our channel and share videos with your students and colleagues.  If you would like to request a video on a topic of interest, let us know.  We take requests.

Clutter Free Environment

When you register for a site, the last thing you want is pesky ads  and a mailbox full of newsletters and alerts you never signed up for.  Let's not play this game.  We already know you register for stuff using throw away accounts and mass delete these types of emails anyway.  The only emails you'll get from us are: 1. Welcome email with account information 2. Security alerts 3. Breach of Terms of Use .  Other than that, we'll leave you alone.