The Oodles

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This is a short activity I like to do with students at the beginning of each year to open dialogue about ethnocentrism and to lay down rules for respectful discussion of world cultures.  Do not disclose the purpose of this activity to students before distributing.  Simply tell them that this is the first culture they’re going to […]

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Chinese Influences on Japan

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The following is a set of resources includes a Power Point Presentation and Cloze Notes on Chinese Influences on Japan, and the willingness of Prince Shotoku to embrace ancient Chinese customs. Chinese Influences Alia Klein, “Chinese Influences”. September 2007. PowerPoint presentation.

Early Humans Timeline Activity

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California Content Standard 6.1.1. Describe the hunter-gatherer societies, including the development of tools and the use of fire. Chronological and Spatial Thinking Skills 6-8.1. Students explain how major events are related to one another in time. 2. Students construct various time lines of key events, people, and periods of the historical era they are studying. Objective: SWBAT […]

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