Activity: Sundiata, the Lion King

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CALIFORNIA CONTENT STANDARD(S)- SOCIAL SCIENCE- 7.4.1 Study… the growth of the Ghana and Mali empires.  7.4. 5  Describe the importance of written and oral traditions in the transmission of African history and culture. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.7.7  Compare and contrast a written story, drama, or poem to its audio, filmed, staged, or multimedia version, analyzing the effects of techniques […]

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Title: Buddha
Author/Illustrator: Demi 

Buddha by Demi- Guided Reading and Storyboard Activity

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Demi’s Buddha is a fantastic, grade level appropriate book detailing the life and work of Siddhārtha Gautama.  The story is instantly engaging and the illustrations are well drawn.  For this activity, I recommend having 5-7 copies available to your students.  It’s roughly $3.45/copy (hardcover) on amazon. 1. Hand out Buddha by Demi- Guiding Questions and read aloud to students […]

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